Coastal Areas

Exploring Florida’s Coastal Areas

The areas of Florida in close proximity to it’s beaches are unique in nature and available outdoor adventure opportunities.  The habitat and character in these coastal communities are affected by the ocean and the wind more than inland areas.  For this reason, those areas of the state close to the shoreline are the focus of this section of Florida Nature Guide and have been singled out with a section dedicated to those interests.

Florida’s Coastal Areas

This Coastal Areas section of Florida Nature Guide provides information and links which focus on activities in the less traveled coastal areas of the state.  Resources provided in these pages are focused on identifying outdoor recreation in Florida coastal areas.  The highlighted destinations are those which still maintain the natural character of Old Florida coastlines.

Through these links and pages, you can locate helpful information regarding areas for your enjoyment specifically related to the Florida Coasts.

Link to Florida Nature Guide Coastal Section

By clicking on the graphic to the right, you will be directed to the coastal section of Florida Nature Guide which focuses primarily on outdoor adventures in the less developed and natural areas along the Florida shorelines. Here you will be able to easily locate the more natural coastal areas of Florida and research recreational opportunities close at hand. ►

Browse the pages within this section of Florida Nature Guide to explore the many coastal areas found in Florida which are off the beaten track.  Many of these shoreline gems do not get the publicity of the main tourist destinations and exploring the shoreline in these less traveled areas can be a memorable addition to your visit.