Nokomis Beach

Located in the inviting Cultural Coast area of Florida, Nokomis Beach provides miles of pure un-commercialized  shoreline along a largely residential stretch of beautiful Florida sand.   When It is time to visit a special beach area, with lots of nature and a wide sandy beach, make Nokomis Beach a top pick for your "to do list".   The miles of wide waterways dominating the environment, un-crowded beaches, and its small-town charm invite visitors to this barrier island just North of Venice, with "Old Time Florida" hospitality.

Nokomis Beach Park is known for it's easy access to the area's natural beauty.  The park provides ample parking and amenities such as clean and well maintained restrooms, boardwalks to the beach, and rinsing / shower facilities.  Located just short drive South from the main park, visitors will find the North Jetty Park ("North" relates to the jetty, not location on the island).  Jetty park is directly across from Venice, and provides additional picnic facilities, kayak / canoe launch on the inter-coastal waterway along with abundant fishing opportunities along the jetty.   Access to, and parking for both Nokomis and North Jetty parks are free of charge for all visitors.

Nokomis Beach shares the reputation as "Shark Tooth Capitol of the World" with Venice Beach and Caspersen Beach due to the abundance of fossilized remains from these sea giants which frequented the area millennia ago when the land was under water.  Beach-combing the area for these treasures of the sea is a popular activity for   both visitors and locals alike.  Even those who do not arrive early in the morning to search will generally find that a little effort rewards with a significant number of these artifacts since the gentle waves of the Gulf constantly uncover new gems.

Those seeking to explore the beach North of Nokomis Beach would generally be advised to plan for a bit of a hike.  The shoreline past the park is along a completely residential section of Casey Key and there are no public access routes to the street.  For the adventurous, this means that most of the folks coming to the beach stay a short walk from the parking and only residents or those staying at the few motels just North of the public beach venture very far.  This can provide new exploration opportunities with each change of the tides.

A drive along the very narrow, winding road which parallels the shoreline can be an interesting excursion.  This trip will allow you to view some of the multi-million dollar estates along the route, but parking will not be available until you wind back to the North drawbridge on the inter-coastal waterway.

There are two restaurants located on the waterway at the South drawbridge directly across from Nokomis Beach.  Visitors would be highly encouraged to try out either of these landmark establishments (Pop's Sunset Grill or Pelican Alley where you can enjoy the laid-back comfort of outside dining on the water.  Relax and enjoy reasonably priced meals as you watch the boats slowly cruise by or pull up to the dock seeking their own dining experience.



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