St Andrews

The St. Andrews State Park is located just East of Panama City Beach, a short distance from Highway 98.  This remarkable area of Florida’s Emerald Coast is known for its beautiful crystal clear, blue-green waters on white sand and this beach does not disappoint.  The views both from the road and from the beach are truly dazzling.

As would be expected with a park adjoining large, developed areas, this beach is often crowded and bustling with activity.  Those looking to get a little further from crowds can take the ferry from the park to Shell Island.  This barrier island just across the pass from St. Andrews State Recreation Area  is part of this park, but is much more remote and natural in character.

Shell Island’s secluded nature (it is accessible to the public only by boat) ensures that visitors are welcomed to pristine stretches of sand dunes and beach treasures such as colorful seashells.  Naturalists can expect abundant wildlife including a wide variety of shorebirds.  Snorkeling in this area delights with diverse sea life and clear waters as well.

st-andrews St. Andrews State Park

4607 State Park Lane, Panama City, FL

(850) 233-5140