Introduction to Florida Wildlife Field Guides

Whether exploring the wilds of Florida, or wanting to know what that seashell you just found on the beach is, everyone finds the need to identify something in nature at some time.  Knowing more about Florida nature enhances our experience and helps us to share the encounter with friends and family.  Guides are available in all formats (online, smartphone apps, printable, or already in print), and we all have our own preferences.

This section of Florida Nature Guide is provided to assist our visitors with the identification of wildlife and other nature related items found in Florida.  Under this category you will be able to locate field guides and links to prominent  resources or websites our research has found to be beneficial for your wildlife viewing experiences.  Select the printable field guides featured in the pages of this section, the apps for portable devices, the printed guides for purchase, or follow the links provided below for the naturalist area of interest to utilize some of the best  free online guides available.