Birding in Florida

This section of Florida Nature Guide is dedicated to those primarily interested in observing our feathered Florida residents.  You will find direct links to some of the resources which usually require navigating through a maze of unrelated materials.  The pages are designed to streamline your search for recreational opportunities in the many natural areas of Florida open for public enjoyment.

Those who wish to observe or photograph our year round or migratory visitors should check the sub-pages under this top level page for categories directly associated with locating bird viewing adventures.  Drop by this site often to take advantage of some of the tools and links available as additional materials will be added constantly based on feedback and additional research.

Florida Birding Trail

There are 4 regions individually identified by the Florida Birding Trail Association as pictured in this graphic.  These areas can be directly accessed here by selecting the "Birding Trail Guides" sub-page available on this section of Florida Nature Guide.

Clicking on the graphic will connect to the Florida Birding Trail website developed and supported by the FWC.  You may find additional research on their site to be beneficial to your specific interests.