Smathers Beach

Those familiar with the Florida Keys beaches will often mention the name Smathers Beach.  This beach located in Key West; only a “stone’s throw” from the airport, is the largest in the area.  The title “largest” means “longest” when referring to Florida Keys beaches, and as beaches go in the Keys, it has a respectable beach frontage.  Most visitors come to this area for the “Florida Keys Experience” more than the sand since the available beach-front areas are pretty small in comparison to the other beaches in Florida.

The beaches in this Florida coastal area tend to be fronted by flats so you have to wade in forever to get to deeper water for swimming activities.  The gentle surf along the shoreline, and warm waters of this area benefit snorkeling or wading recreation except that at times there is a lot of seaweed in the waters or along the shoreline.

Those individuals in search of sand and beachfront experiences will often find that exploring the many islands in the Florida Keys is a more rewarding adventure than many of the properties which are accessible by car.  That said, Smathers Beach is a popular beach, and a pleasant experience for those seeking the opportunity to enjoy a day at the water.  The beach can be found on the south side of the island, along South Roosevelt Boulevard, conveniently accessed from the airport or any Key West location.

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