The menu selections in this Site Introduction area are provided to familiarize our visitors with Florida Nature Guide; it’s layout, history and purpose.

The current site layout is designed as follows (also see our site map):

Florida Nature Guide Home Page

  1. Introduction  –  This section, which includes information about members who would like to participate in developing this website.
  2. Activities  –  Provides additional pages and links for resources on this site based on popular outdoor nature related activities.
    1. Canoeing / Kayaking – Links and pages related to paddle sport activities, as well as launch locations and paddle trails in Florida.
    2. Hiking & Trails – Links and pages providing maps, trail overviews, etc including equestrian or biking trails and reviews from fellow hikers.
    3. Wildlife Viewing – Helpful links, guides, and other tools for those focusing on wildlife viewing activities of our unique Florida fauna.
  3. Coastal Areas  –  Pages, links and diverse resources related to the beaches and close-in coastal zones in Florida.
  4. Natural Areas  –  Pages and links to help our visitors identify natural areas of all types in Florida where outdoor adventures can be found.

Within each of these sections, you will find a wealth of links and articles to assist in planning outdoor recreational activities in Florida.  New items are added almost daily, so be sure to check back frequently.  If there is something you would like to have researched for additional content, please feel free to let us know by sending an email to: .

When seeking additional information, utilize the search box to see if an article has been posted to the site which is not displayed as a page.  The individual sites including Hiking, Wildlife Viewing, Coastal Areas and Natural Areas are searched within their own section, so be sure to search in the section you would like information about.  For instance: when you would like to search for beach areas, be sure to search in the “Coastal Areas” website, not the Florida Nature Guide home page or one of the other websites.  When articles span several interests, they will be included in the other sites if possible.

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulty navigating our site so we can make improvements.