About This Website

Florida Nature Guide Introduction & Overview:

Florida has a wealth of exciting experiences available for everyone of any age, background or interest.  Those seeking an extensive hike, bike ride, horseback ride, or those wishing to observe, photograph or experience unique wildlife or ecosystems can always find a rewarding adventure close at hand.

This abundance of opportunities creates a challenge to organizing a website designed to “bring it all together” … as is the intent with this one.  The primary design is to divide some areas of specific interests into websites dedicated to those interests with this primary website as the first link to each.  Several of the areas of outdoor recreational interests below have been designed as an independent website, and may also be accessed independently by bookmarking their home page, though it may be beneficial to utilize this primary site to coordinate  research for related activities.

The current Florida Nature Guide Areas of Interest available from menu selection above include:

  • ActivitiesWebsites dedicated to the specific activity of interest:
  •     Wildlife Viewing – Dedicated to locating areas and activities focused on observing Florida wildlife
  •      Hiking & Trails Focused on trail and hiking resources with up-to-date area and trail information
  •      Canoeing / Kayaking Focused on areas where this recreational opportunity abounds
  • Coastal AreasAreas close to the shoreline which are unique in character and influenced by the sea
  • Natural Areas Inland areas not affected by the sea primarily by rather … the geography of the zone

It is our hope to remove, rather than create roadblocks to site visitors who have interests in more than one category.  Please provide feedback if some of the resources seem difficult to use so that we can make adjustments.  If you identify available guides and information you would like available for your outdoor adventure, please let us know so that additional research and development can be made in that area. 

The primary purpose in creating Florida Nature Guide is to make exploring the Florida natural environment exciting, and making resources you want available easy to locate.  There is always room for improvement and we are eager to add other links which you have found useful in order that others may benefit from your experience.