About Us

Personal Introduction

I have always gravitated to the areas of nature which were less traveled.  These areas where creature comforts are few and you bring what's needed for the naturalist experience always seem to reward the adventurous spirit within, and provide a respite from the stress of daily life.

As a transplant from Virginia, I had been traveling to Florida several times monthly for 6 years before relocating here 4 years ago.  Despite a passion for these natural areas, I am still constantly finding new locations or resources to enhance my experiences.  The intent of this site is to share these areas and related articles or resources with individuals of like mind.

It is my hope to be able to provide some straightforward links to resources which I have found helpful in a manner which is beneficial and easy to navigate for visitors to this website.

Feedback from others will always be greatly appreciated since my goal is to create a website you would develop if you had the time.  Please feel free to comment and make suggestions to help this become a site you would recommend your friends to add to their favorites list.

Email me at Florida Nature Guide with comments, suggestions, feedback or specific requests at: email@floridanatureguide.com .