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Florida Nature Guide has been designed to assist our site visitors with accessing numerous resources focused on outdoor Florida recreation.  Many of the available tools and websites are unfamiliar to those seeking naturalist adventures in Florida.  Their diversity can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Simplifying access to these diverse recreational links, articles and tools is the primary intent of our site.  We are constantly working to make Florida Nature Guide a valuable tool to locate other resources available for your outdoor adventures

At first glance from our home pages, it may appear that there are not a huge number of links presented for your research.  The simple overall design is intended to assist you in quickly focusing on specific areas of recreational interest.  This site navigation article is provided along with our Sitemap to help you identify and utilize all the resources provided here.

Major areas of interest are available from the primary site pages to provide individual sites focused on specific activities.  This design is intended to prevent the need of navigating through unrelated articles and resources when your interests are specific.  For example; the "Coastal Areas" section of Florida Nature Guide has sections which provide beach and other information along all the "Florida Coastal" areas of the state.  This section also includes links to other sites found to be beneficial when planning a visit to one of these shoreline destinations.  Available helpful tools and articles in this section include such things as local weather, events, places of interest, lodging recommendations, etc.

Sometimes, a recreational interest will involve more than one section of Florida Nature Guide.  An example of this might be seeking wildlife viewing opportunities along the Florida coastline.  To fully take advantage of the many resources on our site, it would be beneficial to determine which priority is most important, and research that section first, then research our related sites.

If you are seeking wildlife viewing opportunities in the Forgotten Coast area for instance, review the available material in our "Florida Coast" section for the Forgotten Coast first to determine which locations are of the greatest interest.  After you know more about the areas of interest, follow up by checking out our "Wildlife Viewing" site to take advantage of those available resources.  Those who would like to focus on a particular Florida wildlife species may want to review the Wildlife Viewing site first, and then research available locations in our Florida Coasts or "Natural Areas" sections. 

One useful tool which is provided on all our individual sites is the keyword search form.  If you would like to see if we have articles, pages, or other items of interest, try a search for the item of interest.  An example might be typing "Sebastian" to view not only the page dedicated to Sebastian Inlet, but also any posts or other resources provided related to this recreational area.  This search form returns only those results from Florida Nature Guide, without respect to paid advertisers or other interests, but will only show articles on the site at hand.  When using this form, you should be on the site which is most likely to have articles of interest (for example: searching "Sebastian" from the primary site will probably have few if any results since it is located in a coastal area).

In order to provide a search form which can be used without respect to where the article of interest may be located, we have included a Google search form here on Florida Nature Guide.  This form can be used to search all individual Florida Nature Guide sites for keywords without concern for where the item of interest may be found, but is not without limitations.   The search will also display a few (not many) ads for Google sponsors which are not related to Florida Nature Guide, but the primary drawback with this form is that it often returns results for the same article multiple times.  A suggestion for those who are not sure where to locate items of interest by navigating our site menus might be to do a Google search, and then search the individual site where most of the results are found.

When it comes to naturalist adventures in Florida, it is true that "one size does not fit all".  Our intent is to continue to build this site with our visitors in mind.  If you experience any difficulty navigating our pages to locate available outdoor recreation in Florida, please provide us feedback by clicking on the email link on our menu bar above.  We also greatly appreciate any site suggestions for additions or other articles you would like to have available.