Florida Reptiles

One thing is sure in Florida; there are probably more reptiles to be found here than any other state in the US.  The relatively warm winters provide an ideal location for all cold blooded species to flourish, and the abundance of other animals provides an ample food supply year round.  Many visitors to Florida make a special effort to locate and photograph alligators, but there are many other reptile species which are remarkable and worth keeping an eye out for as well.

Within these pages on Florida Nature Guide, you will be able to locate articles, links and resources for identifying, locating and appreciating our native reptile wildlife residents.  Websites which we find provide beneficial information will be featured here.

As we work to develop a more complete section, our visitors may want to check out the Online Guide to Florida Snakes provided by the University of Florida to assist in identifying these remarkable creatures common to Florida.  This guide will also be of help to determine if that quietly slithering example of nature poses any threat to you or your pets should you come too close.

Additional articles will be added to this section shortly, so be sure to return in the near future.