Florida Boat Ramps

Locating Boat Ramps in Florida

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has recently developed an interactive map which displays the numerous public Florida boat ramps located within the state.  This new tool should be of great benefit to our Florida Nature Guide visitors when seeking activities on the many bodies of water found throughout Florida.  Although boat ramps are often associated with motorized boat activities, they are provided for non-motorized access as well.

Link to FWC Public Boat Ramp MapThis recently released Florida Boat Ramp Finder tool is a great addition to the many other resources provided by the FWC for individuals seeking outdoor Florida adventures. Having information about the numerous access points for boating in Florida opens new doors for exploring Florida waters. Learn more about the available boat launch sites in Florida, including photos of many locations, along with any fees, facilities available, current conditions, hours of operation, etc. by clicking on this graphic.  ►

Whether planning a short paddle, or an extended camping trip, having a guide to public water boating access points greatly increases the number of water travel adventures available for your recreation. Knowing where you can park with close access for loading and unloading is helpful for anyone seeking adventures on the water.

The link we have provided here on Florida Nature Guide is to the FWC Public Boat Ramp Search by County form, but additional links are available on the left for searching by other criteria. Our research has found that when searching for a Florida boat ramp close at hand, searching by county and then scrolling or zooming in on the resulting map often provides the best overall results.

Anyone seeking to find new places for water access in Florida should definitely check out this link to the current FWC Florida Public Boat Ramp Map by clicking this link or the graphic above. Those who may have tried the original map provided by the FWC will find they have improved the tool significantly over their first release and should check the map out again. By simply entering any county of general interest, you can scroll to other areas of the state. Once the area of interest is displayed, zoom in on a given area, and the boat ramps at hand will display momentarily.

If an updated Florida Boat Ramps map becomes available, you can be sure that we will take it for a test drive and update both our article and associated links

One word of note: Our research has found that some boat ramps and launch facilities located on, and managed by national organizations such as US National Wildlife Refuge System may not be identified on this map. You are encouraged to review some of the other pages and posts here on Florida Nature Guide for related agencies when exploring water access points in these Florida Natural Areas.



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